About Author

Discovered myself as a fashion stylist, designer, artist, photographer, painter…

I am a fashion graduate from CCSF, California. This blog was started as an inspiration from my teacher. I love fashion styling, creative writing, visual merchandising, creating window displays and photography.

In my final semester I felt like sharing my knowledge and all essential fundamentals that I learnt in my program & I wished to help aspiring visual merchandisers or anyone on the globe anywhere on the map.

I, then, decided to start this blog that focuses on inspirational windows, creative inspirations, mood boards, creative photographic elements and anything that can help create a great and successful window display.

So here I present the “The Window Lane“!! Enjoy… and have fun sharing your questions, concerns or just your inspirational projects.

Have you any questions. Please write to thewindowlaneblog@gmail.com

With Love ❤