Be a Blogger

Yes! starting a new year with a hobby turned into a career. Have you always been wondering about being a blogger , a Fashion blogger. Well when is the best time to start than First month of this new year itself. Let’s start with few points that can get you there or at least up and running in the Bloggers’ Marathon.



Umm maybe a little less philosophical but the thing to ask yourself is Why? Why do you want to be a fashion blogger. Blogging for any topic for instance, not just fashion, needs concentration but dedication and deep interest other wise you will probably be shutting down your blog before you even start writing it at all. What you want out of it. Is it just a hobby, writing or fashion. Are you willing to make a career out of it? Then figure out your challenges do a SWAT (strength, weakness, Achievements & Threats) test.

Developing a style

The best thing you can do to your writing is that DO NOT copy other bloggers, you can follow them,  find some inspiration, acquire ideas but copying is a big no-no. Write as if you feel it, as you are the creator of the content. be yourself. At the end of the day you want people to follow YOUR writing style penand not follow a mimic . Write with originality in your own words, trust me if you write as who you are, you willend up having more and more followers depending on the topics you choose to write about and target audience.


Explore anything and everything that has not been worked upon or even if the topic has been discussed many time choose an angle that is slightly different or out of the box. It should refresh the reader and not remind them of some random article they already read elsewhere.


Many of us want to be a  blogger in less than a week or maximum a month. It is not about the time,it depends on the amount of the dedication and effort you will put in this. Treat it like your baby. Nurture it. Explore topics that haven’t been tried by others, go to the depths of the topics. Remember , try to write things that have not been said before and not what’s in “trend”. Most of the followers would know that already 😉

Social Media

Yes, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can give you more than you can imagine. Follow your inspirations , favorite designers , stylists and big events around the globe. Don’t restrict yourself if you live in the west side of the globe, check what’s happening in the Middle East or India or Japan. You don’t want to work in a closed box or run around in circles. Expand your aura and widen your possibilities. Image source:

Explore this cheat sheet… Good Luck with blogging and a Very Happy new year 2017!! Cheers




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