Fashion Configuration

With the fast changing technology and even faster updates on social media, Fashion is now not limited to publications anymore. Constant updates via instagram, facebook , twitter and more are not only changing the way fashion is calculated for the coming season but also showcasing designers’ collections and ideas to their followers.


With the designers now streaming their live fashion shows on the internet, they have become more attainable than ever before. They have probably, with the use of social media and smartphones, found just what they needed to connect with the fans and followers. For instance, take me as an example, I have put this blog on FB, twitter, instagram and more… you name it I have done it, Since its vital to survive in this emulous industry. still not convinced? Read on… 😉

See its a simple theory of having something on your fingertips. reaching out to your smartphone and tapping that icon to connect with the like minded group of people of friends is so voluntary now that this has become not popular but a necessity of being updated with our interests. Social media brought this technological revolution in the industry that has made people “like” “share” or “comment” on any discussion that they feel inclined towards or simply inspires them to raise their style bar and get new ideas for their next prettify session.


The “Trending” Fashion has hit an all time high. Many readers will surely connect with what I am going to write next… We search each look on the internet , don’t we, before we actually put it together for ourselves. Bold yellow earring will match with what colour of a Top, What shoes will look good with a pair of Chinos or what lingerie need to be worn with a low neck party dress? So whenever we have a big date coming up or simply going for a second honeymoon with love of our life we search and we search till the time we get that perfect dress or a pair of sunglasses or that gorgeous scarf that was found via instagram through a fashion website.


Digital channels act as very important catalysts for Fashion. Fashion is one of the condemned form of arts, highly criticized and very bold to be taken lightly by the non-fashion enthusiasts. Youtube for instance is another where one can go and satisfy their Fashion appetite. Search for the world Fashion, you will get a mix of movies, live shows, fashion disasters and celebrity fashion to name a few. Post the digitization of this era Fashion is not just a look put together or a fashion show that’s taking place in Milan with the most famous fashion celebrities settled in the front row. It is more than that, its a keyword that triggers the readers’ mind to speculate “what next?” Mixed with the social media channels it predetermines the onset of an unending and nervy set of events, pop-culture, beauty and runway trends.


So for those who are in the same league, keep tapping and inspiring thyself to constantly update your wardrobes and beauty ideas and for those who don’t care, I would say Join in 😉 Get Tangled…



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