E-commerce Merchandising

This is such a broad and complex topic that I needed a lot of homework to do before publishing this post. Having worked in the E-commerce industry for few years now it can be contemplated that the concept is here to stay.

E-commerce has been around since 70’s. First Online Shopping system was probably introduced in late years of the same decade.

Plain E-commerce means electronically receiving and paying for the goods sold and/or bought. Today its a growing business like none. It is true that basic brick-and-mortar stores are there to stay, however, technology exceeding its own limits day by day leads people to enjoy leisure or tend to other tasks of daily lives and at the same time getting their buying needs fulfilled.

Some big players have been in the game for years now and have been raising the bar for the small e-commerce startups everyday. This is a very good opportunity to be explored and need to be taken in account if you are considering a career in Fashion & Lifestyle.

E-commerce has many aspects to it and in addition to Merchandising such as Content, Customer experience, Data Analytics, Social Media/Digital, Marketing. We will be talking about online Merchandising mainly to start the conversation. Many recruiters still hire people with lot of expertise but unable to situate that caliber efficiently. Or the freshers are welcomed . In this particular scenario E-commerce setup needs to place their talents very strategically.Online merchandisers work in conjunction with many other teams such as Content, Designers, Marketing, Buyer or Category specialist. She needs to bring all the ideas together to the website and channel the customer through and provide easy navigation onsite with excellent visuals. If you are considering a career in online merchandising, do read articles and online reviews. Make sure you understand the concept and plan from the start as to where do you want to put yourself in the industry.

Online Merchandising will , but not limited to, require and eye for detail, data analysis, design & color subtlety. Strategical placement of fast and slow moving products is the key here. Participating in technology team meetings will be a part of the role since you will drive a category that will require browse through plan for your product. Once you gain expertise over merchandising practices you can then branch out to other teams and gain insights that will help you understand the challenges and troubleshooting  techniques.

We can go on and on discussing this topic since its ever evolving . So explore on your own at leisure and send any queries to me directly in comments section. Happy to guide you 🙂


Food for eyes and thoughts … Happy Exploring


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