Vintage as Tradition of Fashion

Hi Folks,

Back with the last post of the year on windowlane, its chilly outside and cozy inside and the weather is just perfect for Fashion đŸ˜‰

As the title must have suggested to you we are exploring the Vintage fashion today. Also why Vintage is a key milestone in fashion, why we keep keep referring to it and why it will always keep coming back to us…

So first, think of what is Vintage? Well Vintage is a very simple word with a very rich meaning to it. It denotes a product or a trend of high quality that has some character to it which makes it special or unique. It could be a print, a pattern, a dress material or a style that made its mark in its era and is still alive and accepted with open arms.

Little Black Dress from 1920’s

This dress was modified over the years and even today is considered an essential part of a wardrobe of a lady.

A must have 1950's Little Black Dress...with Pearls, a Bow and a Sweetheart neckline.:

Pleats seeks their past in the history of Egypt and beginning of the 19th century when Mariano Fortuny rediscovered ancient Greek peplum, creating a dress, called Delphos, using pleated silk.


Hats : In the 1770’s (when huge hairstyles were fashionable) the ‘calash’ bonnet was worn to protect the high hairstyles from the weather.

Hair Comb seeks its origin somewhere around 3200–3100 B.C.E. Egypt

Vintage hair comb French ivory Spanish comb by DragonsLairVintage:

This list will go on,,,  you may discover more on this topic in your leisure time. Till then I am leaving you with few more visual treats ,,, Signing off, Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

70’s Necklace

Charming Style Shine Light Green Beads Necklace - 70s baby:

70’s Ring

The 1970's Mood Ring... I had one of these rockin' rings! I thought this thing was so amazing how it changed color. Can remember putting it on all my fingers to see if I could get a different mood out of different fingers.:

Eras of Fashion

fashion history- though I think that the 40/50 was incorrectly matched - but which fashion decade are you ??:

Era of Fashion Brands Emergence

Fashion Brands Timeline (1850-2000) Brooks Brothers should be the first one on here started in 1818:


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