Just Accessories… Dress it up!

Isn’t it true that Accessories are always in? Seasons, trends and tastes will change but no matter how well we dress if it has not been accessorized well, it is not just as good as it could have been.

Accessories like Apparel have their own personality and have the tendency to stand by itself parallel to any fashion Category . Only a true stylist or fashionista would know what an accessory can do to a look. While keeping yourself updated with the newest trends it is so very important to keep an eye on the classic ones as well. Remember the oversized sunglasses from 70’s…


As we launch into the summer season in this part of the world a wide range of digitally printed scarves for you to try on have already hit the stores … for that bohemian look try some of the feather accessories for hair… And also Floral prints and coral colors are big in summer season and for those who are all packed and ready for the vacations here is a cute backpack that you will wanna have in your accessories check list for sure.

feather headgearcoralbackpack

With accessories you can literally go wild and create unimaginable ensembles … It all depends on how much you are willing to experiment and how keen you are to show your love for your fashion accessories… That’s all for now leaving with you some inspirations for you to ponder upon and try them as well.

Lots love


Puca shell necklacenecklace 70'sbeads necklace

sungcat eyepearl sung

floral scarfkimonoscarf cutout

And last but not the least

black cutout shoedf30153818acb967073a96829639adb9a2062d9f49a379789a9224bcf57a2a39


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