Celebrate style

Hi Friends ,

A very happy new year to you and wishing you much stylish happiness this year. The topic today we will be lookin at is the most discussed and yet not clearly framed as of yet. But never mind let’s explore it and see if it can help us understand it any better. How to dress your body is not rocket science, it takes practice and expertise to dress well and to help other style as per their body shape . So all my resident stylists lets dive deep in this…

Determining your body shape is all about proportions and then styling or dressing to highlight the positives and dim the, ummm,  not so positives. Every body shape is beautiful and there is a lot that we can explore with each one of them. Whether you are a full busted , curvy or boyish figure there’s always room to explore and do some tricky styling that will only fetch you encouraging comments on how well you dress1

First shape we will discuss is HOURGLASS

> if you have a similar (almost similar) proportions of your shoulders and hips with a narrower waist.

Hour glass body shape

> KEY TIP: Nothing to hide so go ahead FLAUNT your awesome feminine curves

2. Second in the row is RECTANGLE (boyish)

> if your shoulders hips AND your waist are close to each other in proportions

Rectangle body shape

> imitate curves and SHOW OFF your slender arms and legs

WE SUGGEST> Colours, layering and collars (all sorts as in frilly, shirt collar, details on the neckline)


> yes you got it right! if your shoulders are wider in proportion than your hips than you are an inverted triangle body shape

Wedge or inverted triangle body shape

>tone down your wider area that is the shoulder and highlight your hip area to bring in tune with the upper half

>ABSOLUTE NO! Boat necks as they will make you appear wider than you actually are


> If you have a slimmer shoulder line and a wider hip with a defined waist, then you fall in this body shape category.

Pear body shape

> WE SUGGEST : Volumizing the top half and skimming bottom half to make proportions soothing to the eye.

> ABSOLUTE NO! big prints on bottom half


> You look wider on the waist area with narrower hips. Your shoulders are broad.

Apple body shape

> elongation required throughout, create illusions of curves and slender limbs.

ABSOLUTE NO! Flared/frilly tops and bottoms

WE SUGGEST* Boot cut in bottoms and monochromatic looks in darker shades (add belt at waist to “create” waist curve.

For those who are more visual oriented than theory below is the visual to help you better understand what we have been discussing in literature form so far.

You see there is no rule set in stones, you experiment make mistakes and learn!That is the only way to learn this styling game.

Style your friends and folks and the more you practice the more you’ll learn every time they get a compliment you get promoted closer to being a styling Queen. YAY!! Closing this fantastic edition here, and wishing you have an awesome year ahead and may god bless you all with love, success and confidence this year. Be you, be true & Keep styling.

Signing off!

Share you suggestions recommendation in the comments below and I am more than happy to make this blog the best blog you have every visited! Thanks


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